call for contributions to n.paradoxa: Religion, volume 33

Volume 33: Religion, n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal
(Jan 2014)
(Copy deadline: 1 Nov 2013, to be published Jan 2014)
How have women artists addressed, challenged or critiqued representations of women in the major/minor religions around the world?  Women artists’ works which have provided a critical view of religious life, religious belief, religious doctrine and representations will be the focus of this volume. Religions are not only “opium for the masses”, they have also provided major rituals which mediate experiences of birth, marriage and death in society. Explorations of female power, women goddesses, female spirituality and sexuality have all been mediated by reconsidering or critiquing many aspects of religious ritual, belief systems and representations of the role of women: as disparate as Madonna/Whore; Veiled/ unVeiled. Women experience different religions and cults as both liberating and oppressive in their moral codes for how women should dress, behave, operate as sexual beings, have families, live a “good” life. Artworks which offer critical perspectives on the either liberating or oppressive views of religion for women will be considered here as well as works which address multi-faith (and tolerant) conceptions or readings analysing the many different religions of the world today. In some parts of the world, artworks and exhibitions are still censored for their idolatry, offense to religious belief or desecration of religious symbols: case studies where women artists have been central to different forms of censorship on religious grounds are welcomed.

If you would like to submit an article on contemporary women’s art practices (visual arts only, women artists working post-1970), discussions of new directions in feminist art theory in relation to their work or interviews with women artists or feminist curators to n.paradoxa, please contact the editor.
n.paradoxa is keen to publish new research and comparative trans-national or international approaches in feminist scholarship about the works of contemporary women artists. Do not send finished articles.
Articles are commissioned through negotiation with the editor: Katy Deepwell.  email:
Articles are published in print and in PDF format.
n.paradoxa publishes the work of women writers, curators and critics about the work of contemporary women artists.

Please send, (more than one month in advance of the copy deadline i.e. this September!), an outline (1-2 paragraphs) and a short resume (1 page only). Please also outline the relation of your proposal to the theme of a particular volume.

About nparadoxa

n.paradoxa is an international feminist art journal, published since 1996 online and 1998 in print website: n.paradoxa is edited by Katy Deepwell
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