Good Girls Symposium, NMAC, Bucharest

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Good Girls Symposium
27th -28th September 2013

Organiser: MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Bucharest, Romania

Concept: Bojana Pejic     Coordinators: Bojana Pejić and Olivia Nițiș

The international symposium will be held on the occasion of the exhibition GOOD GIRLS_ MEMORY, DESIRE, POWER, held in MNAC from June 20th till September 29th 2013.

The goal of this symposium is to take on a spectrum of subjects and problems related to certain fields of today’s feminist practices. The invited participants are visual artists, activists, art historians and critics, theorists and curators, who use feminism, as the Romanian group h.arta put it, “as a tool for analysis and action”. The conference will be structured in three sessions: The Production of Counter-Public Spheres; Visibility of Individual Positions and Politics of Exhibiting and Curatorial Effects.

Participants: Edit Andràs (Budapest); Bureau of Melodramatic Research (Bucharest); Alexandra Croitoru (Bucharest); Katy Deepwell, (London); Silvia Eblmayr (Vienna); Group h.arta -Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant and Rodica Tache (Timișoara) Sanja Ivekovic (Zagreb); Leima Kreivite (Vilnius); Bettina Knaup -re.act feminism (Berlin) Kati Kivimaa (Tallinn); Iza Kowalczyk (Poznan); Frederikke Hansen – Kuratorisk Aktion (Copenhagen); Ana Lupas (Cluj); Alla Mitrofanova (St Petersburg); Alexandra Pirici (Bucharest); Marilena Preda Sanc (Bucharest); Delia Popa (Bucharest); Magda Radu (Bucharest); Hedwig Saxenhuber (Vienna); Hedwig Turai (Budapest); Martha Wilson (New York).

Exhibition Good Girls – Memory, Desire, Power

The exhibition offers a broad perspective on contemporary women’s art practices. It presents 63 women artists who come from 23 countries and features 85 artworks.

Curator: Bojana Pejic; co-curator Olivia Nitis. The project is initiated by the artist Marilena Preda Sânc, who is also professor at the University of Arts in Bucharest.

About nparadoxa

n.paradoxa is an international feminist art journal, published since 1996 online and 1998 in print website: n.paradoxa is edited by Katy Deepwell
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