new ebook : Olga Kisseleva, Custom Made

KT press is pleased to announce the publication of a new ebook

Custom Made by Olga Kisseleva
essay by Barbara Formis (translated by Oliver Feltham)

This epub is available in 2 versions:
1. Version with embedded video for iPad only
ISBN: 9780992693411, 185 pages, 9 video clips
2. Version with external links to video suitable for most epub readers
ISBN: 9780992693428, 185 pages, external links to 9 videos

KT press Ebooks are available at £4.50 each from  and Amazon Kindle Store.
A bundle of 5 ebooks in KT press series can be purchased for £20 (10% discount) from our website only.
They are distributed to many online ebookshops, including nook and kobo, by Ingrams. KT press .epubs can also be purchased for libraries via MyiLibrary.

About Custom Made

Olga Kisseleva’s series, Custom Made (1998-2013), explores a wide range of concepts about interactivity and participation in a contemporary global culture and is comprised of many different works in video and new media installations. From her early interactive web work How are you? (1998),  to her work Custom Made: Made to Measure (2011) to her intervention in ecology in Biopresence (2013), she has considered what the world would be like if we rethink our relationships to communication, gaming, telepresence, “n” time and the media-led perception of the world today, by contrasting this with our human sensibility, by what we see, feel and do. This book documents 18 inter-related works by the artist and an essay by Barbara Formis on the theoretical underpinnings of the work, Custom Made.

New media artist, Olga Kisseleva (b. St Petersburg, lives between St Petersburg and Paris) and teaches contemporary art in the University Pantheon-Sorbonne of Paris 1 and she is editor of Plastik Art & Science Magazine (Editions de la Sorbonne).

Barbara Formis is a Lecturer in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art in the Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences at the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, and a member of the Institute ACTE (Art, Creations, Theories, Aesthetics, UMR 8218, C.N.R.S.).

About KT press ebooks

These ebooks are a hybrid form: part-extended essay and part-artist’s catalogue.
They are digital only .epubs: they are not available as print material, nor are they PDFs.
This is a new experiment in visual arts publishing, which has clung to print as its dominant media!
They make use of some of the many features of interactivity available within digital ebook publishing: clickable external links; electronic hyperlinks to footnotes; use of video; rich illustrations.

Custom Made is part of KT press’s series of ebooks on the work of contemporary women artists. This project is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York.

About nparadoxa

n.paradoxa is an international feminist art journal, published since 1996 online and 1998 in print website: n.paradoxa is edited by Katy Deepwell
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