Volume 39 (January 2017) n.paradoxa Organising/Organisations

Available now: Volume 39 Organising / Organisations
n. paradoxa: international feminist art journal is now 20 years in print.
96 pages, ISSN 1461-0434

This volume looks at many types of organisation and many kinds of organising with/for women artists around the world in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA and Poland.


Articles and Interviews include:

Eliza Tan ‘Revisiting Art, Feminism and Memory in Singapore and Japan since the 1990s: Amanda Heng and Yoshiko Shimada’ (the artists review their roles and involvement in feminist art networks and approaches to art-making)

Kirsty Baker ‘The Women’s Gallery in Wellington: an ‘Educational, Supportive and Exploratory’ space’ (a short history of the gallery 1980-1984 and those involved with it)

Maria Antonietta Trasforini ‘The Long Durée: The Making of Biennale Donna in Italy’ (an in depth history and analysis of one of the few international biennales dedicated to women artists since 1984)

Pauline Barrie ‘A Third Viewing: Women Artists’ Slide Library exhibitions 1982-1987’ (this feature is an insight into the politics of women artists’ organising in the early-mid-1980s)

Stef. Engel, Kate Henderson, ‘*durbahn bildwechsel – umbrella organisation for women/art/media’ (insight into the work of bildwechsel and its own politics of organisation as an archive)

Women artists in the Yinchuan Biennale (China) ‘For an Image, Faster than Light’ (images of women artists’ works at the first Yinchuan Biennale, 2016)

Katrin Hassler ‘On Gender Statistics in the Art Field and Leading Positions in the International Sphere’ (Hassler contrasts the position of women curators/museum directors/gallerists with the situation of women artists in several key surveys of the art market/art world and makes a strong distinction between academic and activist analyses of statistics)

Hannah Martin-Merchant ‘Engaging Publics with Arts Institutions: The Frameworks of a Feminist Pedagogy’ (this article looks at how a democratic and participatory programme could be organised within an art institution and looks critically at the notion of curating as an ‘expanded educational praxis’)

Robin Alex McDonald ‘‘There’s the Problem’: On Love’s Role in Feminist, Lesbian and Queer Arts Organizing’ (this article explores the interventions of the Lesbian Art Collective (1975) and the strategies adopted around making/sending Valentine’s cards in the workshop-based activities of Love Positive Women (2015))

Carron Little ‘Spare Rib Revisited: An Artist’s Diary on Residency in Lucerne’ (this outlines her practice in performance and two of her projects are discussed)

Claire Dykhuis with Solmaz Asheri ‘Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University’s Feminist Collective’ (a narrative of the history of the collective over several generations since the late 1970s and the changing face of feminist politics in Canada today)

Yueqi Chen ‘A PLACE OF HER OWN: Interview with Cynthia Tom’ (this interview examines Tom’s motivations behind her project which organises workshops and exhibitions for women as well as her own life-story and art practice)

Katarzyna Kosmala ‘Becoming Imperceptible M/Other: Negotiating Porous Multiple Selves’ (discusses works from ‘Exporting Zagreb’ at the National Museum of Gdansk in 2016)

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n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal has been published annually (Jan/July) since 1998. In 20 years, 550+ articles from over 400+ writers/artists living and working in more than 80+ countries around the world have been published.

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About nparadoxa

n.paradoxa is an international feminist art journal, published since 1996 online and 1998 in print website: www.ktpress.co.uk n.paradoxa is edited by Katy Deepwell
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