n.paradoxa’s website at http://www.ktpress.co.uk is being updated for 2018!
Central to this is a new Feminist Art Observatory

F.A.O. is well known as the abbreviation of “For the Attention Of…”
This site is for the attention of anyone interested in researching feminism in relation to contemporary art.

The site contains over 5,000 items.
There are lists of books, exhibition catalogues, magazines, anthologies and websites.
The list includes links to women’s art organisations and archives, museums, online databases. These resources have been compiled and developed over the last 20 years!

There are several research projects online as well available through the Feminist Art Observatory:-

The 1000+ feminist art theses lists MA and PhD theses from 36 countries since 1974.
Users are invited also to post their own – if they are not present on the searchable list.
As the theses are linked to the University repositories, it is possible – within 3 clicks – to read the text of most entries in this database.

The Feminist Art Topics Project was designed to present 30 common topics in feminist research linked to 16-35 artworks in each case. The artworks listed under each topic are presented as a chronological list. Like n.paradoxa, it is an international inter-generational list. While there are lots of useful links to artist and museum sites, the project does not provide a commentary on the works – this is for researchers to invent, develop or discover. There are also no pictures, because each artwork could be searched for in the net, given that the internet remains primarily an image database.

It is still possible to purchase any of the 40 volumes in print of n.paradoxa from the website and review the abstracts of the 500 articles that were published between 1998-2017. While individual articles are still available to purchase, the electronic subscriptions of individuals and institutions are being slowly withdrawn in 2018.

About nparadoxa

n.paradoxa is an international feminist art journal, published since 1996 online and 1998 in print website: www.ktpress.co.uk n.paradoxa is edited by Katy Deepwell
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