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n.paradoxa: Volume 34 (July 2014) ‘Lessons from History’ just published

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal has just published volume 34 (July 2014) on ‘Lessons from History’. n.paradoxa is available in print and electronic formats. Order your copy online at
The 96 pages of the print journal contain:- Zoe Bray’s ‘Interviews with Two Basque Artists Ana Laura Aláez and Azucena Vieites’; Marina Grzinic and  Aneta Stojnic on ‘Transfeminists and transmigrants perspectives in Europe’; Helen McDonald
‘Fling ups and Girly Bits: Feminist art and the labiaplasty “epidemic” ‘; Joana Monbaron ‘Private Yearnings for the Exotic Tearing off the (Post-) Soviet Wallpaper’ on Taus Makhacheva and Maria Kapajeva; Swapnaa Tamhane on the work of ‘Rummana Hussain: Building Necessary Histories’; Natalie Seiz ‘Generations, re-entry, transnationality: approaches to contemporary women’s art history in Taiwan: Hung Yi-Chen and Tsai Charwei’; Anne Shea’s interview with ‘Jenny Polak: Exposing/Hiding Citizen/Non-Citizen’; Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez ‘Taking it on Faith: Inscribing the Un(der)written in the work of  Varsha Nair and Raquel de Loyola’; Harriet Curtis  ‘Restaging Feminism in Los Angeles: Suzanne Lacy’s ‘Three Weeks in January’ (2012): ‘Three Weeks in May’ (1977)’; Katy Deepwell Interview with ‘Felicity Sparrow: on forming the women’s distribution group, “Circles”‘.  Artist’s Pages by Pam Skelton.

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new search facility for n.paradoxa

Ever wanted to know exactly who was written about in n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal? And what references there are in n.paradoxa to different genres, different subjects, different media produced by contemporary women artists? Now you can!

n.paradoxa has introduced a new search facility providing access to all material in the print editions.  This is in addition to our excellent resource where you can search by country of artist/writer and by author’s name or words in the title.

Next volume of the journal is vol. 34 “Lessons from History” (due July 2014).

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Call for papers for n.paradoxa Volume 35 (Jan 2015) ‘War’

n.paradoxa is the only international feminist art journal focused on the visual arts and feminist theory. The next edition will be Lessons from History vol.34, July 2014. This is a call for papers for the next volume (please also read guidelines below):

Volume 35 (Jan 2015) War
(Copy deadline: 1 November 2014, publication date: Jan 2015)

It is frequently stated that the number of wars in the world after the Second World War continues to increase, but that these wars are local, civil or “contained” as military conflicts in particular hotspots or sites. Everyone is conscious of how wars mean not only death in armed conflict but also aerial bombing, drones or military campaigns designed to terrorise a population, the displacement of many people as refugees and the disruption of all routines in everyday life. From the Vietnam War of the 1960s to the present conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, feminist artists have responded and produced works which look at the impact of war on people’s lives (particularly women); the stories of refugees and those living in camps; the landscapes produced as a result of war; and the division by conflicts of people and places.  n.paradoxa seeks contributions which address the works of women artists on the subject of war: be it critical examinations of the military; responses to the devastation war causes; the stories of refugees and survivors; or the transformation of lives and families that results from war. The focus of the volume will be on works of women artists (post-1970, visual arts only).

n.paradoxa publishes new and innovative research by women artists, curators, scholars and writers focused on artworks produced by contemporary women artists from around the world today. The aim of this journal is to rethink the local and specific in relation to the national, international and global dynamics of art today and to promote new directions in feminist research and scholarship about women’s art practices in the field of contemporary art. The journal encourages work which is comparative, transnational, multi-generational and critically explores nationalism(s) and discriminations of all kinds beyond and including those created by ethnicity, class, sexuality, racism and sexism (now commonly referred to as intersectionality).

Articles are commissioned through negotiation with the editor: Katy Deepwell.
Please send (more than one month in advance of the copy deadline) an outline (1-2 paragraphs) and a short resume (1 page only). Please also outline the relation of your proposal to the theme of a particular volume. Do not send finished articles before negotiation with the editor.
Email: Articles are published in print and in PDF format.

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n.paradoxa/Beaconsfield/ff feminist art salon

A Feminist art salon – London-Berlin – for women artists, writers and curators living in both cities. Saturday 15 March,
This event will be held at two venues simultaneously:
London: Beaconsfield, 22 Newport Street, London, SE11 6AY,  2.00-4.00 pm (local time, GMT).
Berlin: Sophiensæle, Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin, Germany, 3.00-5.00 pm (local time, CET)
Free event, but registration essential:

This feminist art salon involves a unique partnership between n.paradoxa and ff group based in Berlin, with Beaconsfield, using the telematics setup of Station House Opera who have created a performance between Beaconsfield, London and Sophiensæle, Berlin, for three weeks in March.

Participants will be connecting by a TV projection screen linking the two venues and by Skype connections. Participants can attend in London or Berlin. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops or computers to take part and show recent works.

This event is a continuation of the n.paradoxa’s feminist art salons which ran at Beaconsfield last year from March-December 2013. These salons were a networking and exchange event for women artists, writers, critics and curators who readily identify themselves with feminist art practices and would like to discuss feminist ideas, recent and/or future opportunities and art projects.

This one-off event is an extension of this activity linking women from London and Berlin but will involve more structured debates and conversations around specific topics.

The editor of n.paradoxa, Katy Deepwell will be in London as well as contributors to the journal. Mathilde ter Heijne will be present in Berlin. Members of ff group will be present in London and Berlin.

N.B. This event is not a talk or seminar, nor is it a space for formal presentations.
This is not an event for (undergraduate) students, for “crits” or portfolio reviews.

Enquiries: or to register (for London Berlin)
and we will email you with further details.
Please also send in your email 2 lines (i.e. brief information) about who you are
(i.e.your name and whether you are an artist/critic/writer/curator/artworker/scholar/lecturer)
and what you want to discuss or present for discussion
(i.e. suggested topic, title of recent or future project/ book/catalogue/ new work/latest exhibition/event in which you are involved).

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new ebook : Olga Kisseleva, Custom Made

KT press is pleased to announce the publication of a new ebook

Custom Made by Olga Kisseleva
essay by Barbara Formis (translated by Oliver Feltham)

This epub is available in 2 versions:
1. Version with embedded video for iPad only
ISBN: 9780992693411, 185 pages, 9 video clips
2. Version with external links to video suitable for most epub readers
ISBN: 9780992693428, 185 pages, external links to 9 videos

KT press Ebooks are available at £4.50 each from  and Amazon Kindle Store.
A bundle of 5 ebooks in KT press series can be purchased for £20 (10% discount) from our website only.
They are distributed to many online ebookshops, including nook and kobo, by Ingrams. KT press .epubs can also be purchased for libraries via MyiLibrary.

About Custom Made

Olga Kisseleva’s series, Custom Made (1998-2013), explores a wide range of concepts about interactivity and participation in a contemporary global culture and is comprised of many different works in video and new media installations. From her early interactive web work How are you? (1998),  to her work Custom Made: Made to Measure (2011) to her intervention in ecology in Biopresence (2013), she has considered what the world would be like if we rethink our relationships to communication, gaming, telepresence, “n” time and the media-led perception of the world today, by contrasting this with our human sensibility, by what we see, feel and do. This book documents 18 inter-related works by the artist and an essay by Barbara Formis on the theoretical underpinnings of the work, Custom Made.

New media artist, Olga Kisseleva (b. St Petersburg, lives between St Petersburg and Paris) and teaches contemporary art in the University Pantheon-Sorbonne of Paris 1 and she is editor of Plastik Art & Science Magazine (Editions de la Sorbonne).

Barbara Formis is a Lecturer in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art in the Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences at the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, and a member of the Institute ACTE (Art, Creations, Theories, Aesthetics, UMR 8218, C.N.R.S.).

About KT press ebooks

These ebooks are a hybrid form: part-extended essay and part-artist’s catalogue.
They are digital only .epubs: they are not available as print material, nor are they PDFs.
This is a new experiment in visual arts publishing, which has clung to print as its dominant media!
They make use of some of the many features of interactivity available within digital ebook publishing: clickable external links; electronic hyperlinks to footnotes; use of video; rich illustrations.

Custom Made is part of KT press’s series of ebooks on the work of contemporary women artists. This project is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York.

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n.paradoxa volume 33 (Jan 2014) on Religion just published

n. p a r a d o x a: Volume 33, Jan 2014, Religion

nparadoxa33This volume explores the work of contemporary women artists where their work develops ideas and issues from a variety of religions: Christianity, Shinto Buddhism, Tangri, Judaism, Sufism, matriarchal cultures and paganism. The artists also explore freedom of expression and questions of repetition and sacrilege.

Single volume £9 (Uk/Europe) or £12.50 (USA/RoW)

Contents: Read the Editorial here

Ayelet Zohar  ‘Yayoi Kusama: The Jewel, the Mirror and the String of Beads’

Barbara Kutis   ‘Confronting Catholic Ideals: Elzbieta Jablonska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Dorota Nieznalska’

Zehra Jumabhoy  ‘Of Voyages and Vetiver: A Conversation with Zarina Hashmi’

Lieke Wijnia    The Last Supper: Marlene Dumas, Mary Beth Edelson and Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Judy Batalion     Helène Aylon in conversation

Mirjam Westen  interviews Almagul Menlibayeva: ‘Women always bring problems to religions…’

Michelle Moravec  ‘Performing Prehistory: Would you rather be a goddess or a cyborg?’ Cheri Gaulke and Anne Gauldin’s The Malta Project.

Julian Vigo  interviews  ‘Sturtevant: On Religion/Sacrilege’


Photo Features on the exhibitions: Female Power (Arnhem: MMKA, 2013) and The Beginning is Always Today (Saarlandets Museum, 2013)


Artist’s Pages:
Lou Cabeen Public Display
Oreet Ashery
   Party for Freedom
Mathilde ter Heijne
Experimental Archaeology: Goddess Worship
Paula Levine
  as if the laws were malleable

This volume is financially supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York.

n.paradoxa is published two times a year (Jan and July) and its content is available through subscriptions in print and electronic form.

Order online at

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